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NAVER Map, Navigation

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Phiên bản 5.3.8 1 ngày trước

Mô tả của NAVER Map, Navigation

* Experience the completely new NAVER Map.
​[Key features]
- Map home launcher
Use the launcher to get public transit, navigation, and nearby info right on the home screen.
- Simplified search
Search locations, buses, subway, and more in a comprehensive search bar.
- Explore
Search and explore nearby restaurants, cafes, recommendations and more.
- Navigation
Fast and accurate navigation with real-time traffic info and optimized usability for any driving condition.

- Vector map
360˚ rotation-enabled vector map with 3D view of key landmarks via tilting.
- Public transit time calculator​
Set your departure date and time to view the best route and arrival time.
- Panorama
Seamless street and aerial views provided for location search and route planning.
- Favorites
Pin and save travel plans, restaurants, and other points of interest in folders and view them on the map.
- Instant search
View useful info about your query, such as opening/closing times for supermarkets while you search.

- Language
Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese maps and English navigation provided.
*Find out more tips on how to use NAVER Maps
- NAVER Maps customer service (http://naver.me/GYywEiT4)
- Customer service:1588-3820
*User confirmation for NAVER Map
Enabling the below privacy settings is recommended :
- Microphone: enable voice search
- Location services: track your location during route planning and navigation
- Phone: make direct phone calls to any establishment
- Storage space: save your search history for enhanced services
- Address book: use NAVER’s easy log-in service
- Camera: take photos and report missing or wrong information
* Requires Android 6.0 or later. To expand Android coverage in the future.

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Phiên bản APK 5.3.8
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